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Advocates for the production of fair trade technology using ethically sourced  minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo


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Congo Calling is an advocacy organisation which was launched at TEDx in Exeter in 2012 following Bandi Mbubi’s powerful call for the development of fair trade technology using ethically-sourced, conflict-free minerals from the DRC.

Illegal mining in the eastern parts of the country continues to fuel exploitation, child-labour and violence, which in turn denies local people peace, stability and the chance to flourish from the proper management of Congo’s natural resources.

Here lies the paradox: whilst electronic products have given Congolese people an important tool to gain political and economic freedoms, such as the democratic right to assembly, the trade in conflict minerals used in their production has contributed to the financing of armed groups that have devastated both communities – particularly women – and the environment at the same time.

Congo Calling works in solidarity with the Congolese people to promote peace, justice and prosperity in the DRC by demanding the production of ethically-sourced, conflict-free minerals.

It's not just about mobile phones. Our work to end the suffering caused by the unfair exploitation of the DRC's mineral wealth is one of numerous bridges to peace, strong institutions and a booming economy, for the country must not simply exist – it must thrive.

We aim to challenge the way in which the DRC’s mineral resources are procured by working with leading technology companies to eliminate tainted supply chains, launching campaigns to influence consumer culture and lobbying governments to implement strong legislation to achieve an ethical mineral supply chain free from Congolese blood.

The line is clear, can you hear us?

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